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Did I miss Pico Day?

2010-05-07 11:16:19 by TheIncredibleD


The Existance of God

2010-04-09 09:44:19 by TheIncredibleD

The Case For the Existance of God:

Sunny days
The smell of freshly cut grass
The Internet

The Case Against the Existance of God:

Gordon Brown
Grumpy old people
Crazy old people
Hip-Hop music
The Internet

The Case For:

Boris Johnson
Root beer
The Moscow Metro

The Case Against:

Rainy days

The Case For:

Outer space
Harry Potter
Star Wars
Video games

The Case Against:

Battery farms
Doom (the overall inescapable feeling)


Doom (id Software, 1993)
Earthworm Jim
The wonders of the universe


The colour mauve
Nuclear weapons
Alarming yet inescapable truths


Cute little kittys
Greek Salad
Hot Chocolate


Angry cats
Angry dogs
Angry policemen
Philadelphia (PA, USA)


Philadelphia (soft cheese)
Southern American accents
Ed's Diner
If aliens exist


If aliens don't exist
The Labour Party
Politicians in general


The feel of a bank note


Really fat people
Athlete's foot
Sitting on your own balls





2010-04-04 20:32:17 by TheIncredibleD

A lot of Christians piss me off. Not all of them, but the vast majority. I find them to be concieted, hypocritical, an just... annoying. Hardly any Christian I have met, has not tried to convert me as soon as I say I do not believe in God. They then spew the same old arguments, about faith, and Christmas, and the Bible, and then, to trump it all, Hell. Now hold on a second. If I am not Christian... and therefore do not BELIEVE in Hell... why would I be scared of going there when I die. I don't know what's going to happen when I die, but I sure as hell won't be poked by some red-skinned guy with a pitchfork in a fiery freakin pit! And another thing, so many of them don't even follow the rules set out by the Bible, or Jesus' message. I could go into a whole thing about how REAL Christian should be compared to the Christians I see every day, but I will summarise it as this: Christians have lost the way. AND ANOTHER THING, they say the Bible is God's word, but it was written by people? AND ANOTHER THING! God seems a bit... full of himself. He wants everyone to worship him as if he is, well, God. Which he Is, of course, but... I just don't like the idea of this being, who wants everyone to spend every second of eternity praising him? And another thing... be Christian, I can respect that, it is your choice, even if I think it is misguided. But don't thrust your Christianity on me. Don't look down on me, or pity me, or think you are better than me because I have made a diferent choice to you! Americans and Christian Youth are particularly fond of doing that. I t just PISSES me off SO MUCH and I can't be ARSED to try and have RATIONAL debates anymore with you, because you are JUST NOT RATIONAL. You think it is a solid argument to say, "I have faith that God exists" then I am going to reply that "I have faith that God doesn't". See where that would go? And before any Christians start commenting here, let me say... I am not getting into a debate with you.

I am disappoint

2010-01-10 16:12:42 by TheIncredibleD

Star Wars disappoint
Lion King disappoint

I am disappoint

I am disappoint

2010-01-10 16:00:59 by TheIncredibleD

Lion king disapoint
Star Wars disappoint

I am disappoint

Adventurous Guy

2009-12-19 12:23:32 by TheIncredibleD

Adventurous Guy is on hold whilst I make a Christmas flash movie. Screw my other idea, I had better one based on an advert...

"Ho. Ho. And, furthermore, ho. Santa here, although these days I prefer to be known as Mr. Klaus. You may have noticed I have changed; after going on a diet that old red suit didn't fit me, so I opted for a whole lifestyle change... You can thank Penny here for that. Now I no longer go around at Christmas in a sled pulled by reindeer. Instead, I drive a sleek but discreet BMW and deliver slim iPods and plasma TV's to a select few. I've updated my elves, too. Naturally I've kept a few as overseers and security, but all my gadgets are produced by robots at my APPF - Arctic Philanthropic Production Facility. So don't bother trying to stay up for me, kids, and no ore of those silly "Santa Traps". I won't be coming. Oh, and stop leaving me milk and cookies - I'm lactose intolerant."

Recording/editing today, animating starts tomorrow. I don't have a title, yet.


2009-12-17 04:57:28 by TheIncredibleD

Ok heres the deal. Every few days I am going to write a few sentances about what happened today, until christmas. Then I am going to record it and animate it. This will be my christmas flash. I am doing this because I am completely stumped for inspiration and ideas. I am going to make it as FML as possible, because Christmas is my least favourite time of year. Most likely, I'll make most of it up. Se ya'll tonight, folks.

Oh what the hell. Here, have some hotness

/* */
Now comments?


Watch Adventurous Guy stride purposefully! (This is incomplete)


Flash crashed and I lost everything! EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This may be your last look at Adventurous Guy for a while. I know for certain that I shall never be ableto get his walk cycle like that again. :(


All is well.
I have managed to decompile the .SWF
Thank goodness for that!


See you next Tuesday

2009-07-02 13:25:42 by TheIncredibleD

One Wednesday, little Billy went to school. The teacher said, "For the next three days, I will be asking a trivia question, if anyone answers any of them correctly, they won't have to come to school on Monday. The first question was, "How many grains of sand are on all the world's beaches?" No one knew, not even little Billy. Suddenly, a paper airplane flew across the room. "Okay," said the exasperated teacher, "who's the comedian with the paper airplane?" No one knew, not even little Billy.

On Thursday, the question was, "How many stars are there in the Milky Way?" No one knew, not even little Billy. Suddenly, a gigantic, phlegm soaked spit wad embedded itself on the blackboard behind the teacher. "Okay," exclaimed the frustrated teacher, "who's the comedian with the spit wad?" No one knew, not even little Billy.

On Friday, little Billy brought to school with him two, large, black bowling balls and hid them under his desk. At the precise moment before the teacher asked the day's trivia question, Billy rolled the two bowling balls down the aisle and they struck the wall behind the teacher with a massive jolt. "Okay," huffed the now infuriated teacher, "who's the comedian with the big black balls?" Little Billy answered quickly,

"Eddie Murphy!"

Morbo says...

2009-05-29 06:51:13 by TheIncredibleD


Morbo says...

I submitted something!

2009-05-23 10:44:28 by TheIncredibleD

Okay, I just submitted a flash video to the portal! Im very excited. It is a music video: Game Playing

Also, I just thought I'd share with you guys a brilliant song. It is on the nfs undercover soundtrack, and I found it on youtube. :3

/* */
Fight Sounds pt. 1 by Circlesquare. Don't bother looking for pt. 2, I couldn't find it. 63403